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Snow Days and Twinkies February 27, 2013

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Here in Missouri we have been nailed with two snow storms in less than a week.  As a teacher I usually enjoy a snow day off here and there.  But anymore, snow days are not what they are cracked up to be (if you have older children).  The kids get bored real quick, and their favorite questions are: “What’s for lunch?” and “What are you cooking for dinner?”.  These are usually asked between 10 a.m. and noon.  At least if I am at work, I only have to fix one meal a day.  We lost power for a day and the whining got worse.  No TV and no video games.  Then their electronic devices ran out of battery.  I thought someone was going to get hurt!  Needless to say, my snow days have been loooonnnggg.

I have tried to use my time wisely by catching up on some reading, spring cleaning the entire house, repainting a bathroom (that is a story for another blog), and cooking.

Today my daughter and I made homemade Twinkies.  I found the recipe on a friend’s Facebook post and wanted to try it.  Glad we did.  It was worth a couple of hours diversion.


After making one batch which made 9 in my mini loaf pan, we made another knowing those 9 would not make it to dinner time.  In all we had 20 Twinkies.  After they had cooled the fun began by filling them.


I had all so doubled the filling recipe but didn’t need to.  There was plenty of filling left I had to throw away.  Emma poked a hole on the end and I squeezed the filling in using an icing bag and long tip.  Then we tried them.  Not enough filling inside to the other end, so we turning them around and squeezed more filling in the other side.   Perfect!  Incase you are interested in trying it, I have posted the website where you can find the recipe on the page In The Kitchen.

So if you get snowed in and all your projects are done, I would recommend you give the Twinkies a try.  You might find several moments of quiet as they eat them!



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