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Note To Self… September 13, 2013

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Never purchase another vehicle that isn’t white. It just gets too dirty on our gravel road. (and I hate a dirty looking car.)

Never purchase another vehicle with black interior. It gets too hot to even sit on or touch anything.

I won’t be attending anymore class reunions. If I am still alive for the next one in 10 years, and I mention that I want to go, just shoot me. (Enough said about class reunions. I am so over that.)

Don’t allow me to haul anything that is long or has sharp edges in my vehicle again. (I think I will need constant reminding of this one!)

If my family (i.e. husband and son) doesn’t start answering their cell phones when I or other family members call, I will have them shut off.

Yes, my husband is damn lucky to have me!

And the next time my man tells me “you look good for your age” I will be taking him to the nearest hog farm (as hogs will eat everything!)

Live life like you believe.

Never trust myself to remember something.  Make a note of it.

Don’t hide things…I will never remember where I put them.

Always be honest, even if saying the truth can hurt.  It is better than trying to remember the lies you told.

Don’t lose your way. Finding yourself can be difficult. (even GPS won’t help)

Never get your hopes up!  When it doesn’t happen then you can’t be disappointed. But if it does, then you will be thrilled.

It is easy to take things for granted.  Just don’t let yourself be taken for granted!

“Never forget what your knees are for.”

Make sure to shower daily, so when you open your mouth and insert your foot it won’t taste so bad.

Never be afraid of failure. For with failure comes learning.

Life is messy. So get dirty.



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