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Awkward! June 29, 2013

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Donning my name tag I began to move about the crowd looking for familiar faces, names, anything. Boy, did I feel awkward.

A couple of weeks ago I was notified of my high school   30th class reunion (the one I actually graduated from – see post Class Reunion).  Ok…I should go check it out.  I met up with a good friend of mine and we went together.

I attended this same class reunion for the 20 year version.  I must have forgotten what that was like or I would not have gone to this one.

So as I was making the rounds reading people’s names, and they mine, there was this moment of silence and a look of non-recognition on both our faces.  “No I don’t remember you,” and moving on…  After about an hour of this I sat and crowd watched.  It was then I realized that I didn’t fit in with any of these people in high school and I still didn’t fit in with them now.  What was I thinking?  There was no one there I wanted to see much less have a conversation with.  So I left.  It wasn’t that no one remembered me, because two actually did.  But the people there were not my people…not the handful of people I ran with in high school.  Sitting there I had the same lonely feeling I had back then.  I wasn’t part of the “in” crown or the “out crowd”.  I was just one in the crowd.

So now I have this dilema…I still have another class reunion in August to go to (the high school I didn’t graduate from).  Basically this would be my old neighborhood kids from grade school.  I was kind-of looking forward to that one. Should I go?  If so, I intend to drag my husband with me so if I get that awkward feeling, again, we will at least have a date night out of the deal.

A week ago I heard Jase on Duck Dynasty say this about attending his class reunion, “If I haven’t talked to you in 20 years there has to be a reason why.”  Well said and I am just saying it too!


Class Reunion June 1, 2013

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“I hope someone remembers me.”

I just received an invitation to my 30th high school class reunion.  I did not graduate from that high school.  I grew up with all of them until we moved in 7th grade.  So I was surprised when I got the email inviting me to come.    At first I was excited, then became nervous.  I haven’t seen these people since 7th grade.  Will I remember them?

Over the years I have wondered where some were at, searching on Facebook and Classmates.  A time or two I have even dug out the old yearbooks and reminisced awhile…playing kickball in the street beside our house, the miles we put on our bikes riding around the neighborhood and then farther (not sure my mom knew about those times), walking to and from school with friends, a stolen kiss in the coat closet, being one of the fastest runners in the school, collecting a half a million bottle caps.   Not all my memories of grade school were pleasant ones…I was always the last to be picked for teams at recess, the nickname one boy gave me, the slumber party I left early from.

Thanks to technology I was able to open up the class page on Facebook and see who had RSVP they would be attending.  Some names I knew, some I did not. One RSVP post said  “I hope someone remembers me.”  That really got me thinking.  I wondered what school memories this person had.

Should I go?  What will it be like seeing some of them again?  I realized that I do not know these people anymore.  And while the reunion would give me chance to reconnect with a few of them…Would they remember me???


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