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Fried Chicken August 8, 2013

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One of my favorites to cook is fried chicken.  I never used to like frying chicken until I found the perfect recipe.

About a year ago I saw a Food Network show (sorry I can’t remember which one) where he went to several restaurants in  search of the best fried chicken.  One such place had two old women frying chicken.  I took note and thus began my fried chicken cooking.

Using only a big cast iron skillet, I heat the oil with one vidilla onion cut up in it.  This allows the onions to carmalize and sweeten the oil.  Battering the chicken with a milk/egg wash then rolled in flour and cracker crumbs I fry them.  Only turning them once.  So allow them to cook for a while before flipping.

Fried Chicken

Tonight I used boneless chicken tenders which fry up faster than a cut up chicken.  After removing the chicken and onions (which are delicious) I use the oil for making gravy.

So if you find frying chicken a fate worse than death, give this recipe a try.  It really isn’t as bad as it seems…just saying!



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