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DIY Bookshelves July 8, 2013

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Crate bookshelf

I have been wanting a bookshelf in our computer room for some time now. Through my numberous searches I found either really cheap ones that would not stand up to my amount of books, or shelves that were too expensive. Thanks to Pinterest I found a DIY bookshelf that I thought I could do. And here it is….

Crate bookshelf

Using wood crates I purchased at Michael’s (with a coupon for all of them!) I had a plan.   I started by sanding the crates and making sure the slates were secured.  I then used polyurethane and applied two coats to the inside and out of each crate (I chose to keep  the wood natural to match our furniture).  Once dry I secured the crates together using brackets and screws I purchased at Home Depot.  This project took me about 8 hours and I enjoyed doing it.

And WALA!  I made the bookshelf…all by myself…Just saying!


What to paint an eleven year old girl’s room? June 21, 2013

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What to paint an eleven year old girl’s  room?  With my son’s room done I started right in on Emma’s room.  The only problem was I couldn’t get a handle on what color I wanted to paint.  She wanted a dark purple with polka dots, and I wanted…well I really didn’t know.  We spent hours searching online and Pinterest for ideas.  Made a trip to the paint store for samples to think about.  This was driving me nuts.  Finally I settled on a light gray thinking we would accent with polka dots.  That is NOT what we ended up with.

After a two and a half hour visit to the paint store, (long story) I walked away with three different gallons of three different colors.  Only one of which I had even wanted or liked.  What a disaster! At my wits end I thought I could make something work.

I painted the bottom portion of the walls in a gorgeous medium purple color.  Then began painted the top half in a surprise color from the paint store.  This looked green…not gray.  So another trip to get paint (from a different store) and I tried it again.  This time is was the perfect shade of gray.  I then painted a stripe between the two colors around the room.

purple and gray

purple and gray

Since her furniture was white (except the bed) and the bedspread and curtains were already purple I only needed to do some wall decor. metal treeSAMSUNG

I found this metal tree at Hobby Lobby. Not exactly polka dots but liked that it had purple and gray and pulled in some other colors.SAMSUNG

We purchased her letters all so at Hobby Lobby and then a friend of mine painted polka dots on it to match the tree.

Emma's bedrrom


My husband made these boxes out of left over wood from my son’s headboard.  I painted them purple on the inside and white on the outside.  These we will hang in her room.  I all so found a water-color painting she had made this year in school.  It had the colors of the tree in it as well.  I had a frame and painted it purple to match.  Now to get Jim to get these hung up.

She originally had two twin beds in there.  We kept one and slid the mattress  of the other underneath it to pull out like a trundle bed for friends.  We placed her bed along the wall to give it a day bed look.  I am still looking for pillows to put on it.

I must say this looks like a teen girl’s room!  It turned out great, not what we first had in mind, but great none the less.  And Emma and I have had fun putting it together, together!

Think I am done paintingfor a while. Just saying.




It Is All About the Projects!

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Summer is in full swing in my household and being an educator I am home enjoying it, or should I say working it!  It is all about the projects!

I start off every summer with a list of projects I want to accomplish.  You know, the ones that need to be done but there is never enough time or energy to do them.  So I hit my summer vacation running.  Both my youngest children wanted me to repaint their bedrooms.  It was time to do away with the little kid look and give each of them a big-boy and big-girl style.

Ein’s room was in yellow and decorated with John Deere signs.  And so I began removing border and repainting the color of MY choice.  That is right, I chose! He had wanted some hideous lime green color (not in my house) and so I surprised him with the one color he did not want…gray.  At first he was not happy, stating the color was depressing.  I told him, “Trust me. It will look good when I am done.” To add color to the room I decided to do a couple of stripes in a yellow/gold color in opposite corners.  This he liked.

As he has a king size bed, I knew he needed a headboard to make the room look more complete.  After searching on Pinterest I decided we could make our own (rather my husband could make it.) So with an idea in mind off to the lumber store we went.  The headboard took no time in making and added the finishing touch to room, matching the natural wood furniture.

two end posts

two end posts

attaching boards

attaching boards

add a top rail

add a top rail

adding support posts along theback

adding support posts along the back

Ein's bedroom

We started with a 5 foot tall headboard but once we got it in the room we decided it was a little too tall.  So Jim cut off 6 inches from each leg post and then we attached it to the bed frame.

Ein thought this was cool!

I purchased some rope lights and am going to put them under the top rail of the headboard.  I think this will make me cooler than I already am.  Momma done good. Just saying!


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