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August Cake September 28, 2013

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So I am running behind again!  I just got the August cake made.  But this one was worth the wait.  S’mores Cake!

S’mores was made with a chocolate cake, marshmallow cream filling with graham cracker crumbs, and a ganache topping.  I am happy to report that my ganache  topping turned out fine on this one!

The whole family got involved in making this one.  Emma stirred the ganache, my husband cut the cake, and Ein sprinkled on the graham cracker crumbs.  I was the marshmallow girl.  This cake came together easy!

My husband calls me the deviator.  Sometimes I deviate from the original recipe…and I did on this one when putting it together.  The assembly instructions called for a four layer cake, but I did two separate two layer cakes (one for us, and one to take to a friend).

S'mores Cake

S'mores cake

As for the taste, the S’mores flavor came through – minus the fire roasted flavor of the marshmallows.  Not to rich and not too gooey!  I was thinking that this would be good to top a pan of warm brownies with.  Might be trying that soon.

It was a hit and one I would recommend.  Look for the recipe in the Food Network Magazine, January/February 2013.  Just saying!


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