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June Cake July 13, 2013

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June’s cake is a Berry Ice Cream cake. And no, I did not skip it, it looks too delicious!  I have just been too busy doing projects around the house that June came and went without getting the monthly cake done. I am glad I waited because this is the kind d of cake you want on a hot summer day. This is made from a chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream. And since our weather here has turned hot, the timing is perfect.
Following the recipe from Food Network magazine I made the chocolate cake and allowed it to cool. Leveling off the top of one round I put strawberry ice cream on top of it and then placed the second round on top. As much as I tried to pile the ice cream on thick and smooth like the picture I could not. The ice cream began melting and running down the sides of the cake. How did they do it?  Once I had the ice cream on, I placed the whole cake in the freezer to refreeze the ice cream. Before serving I pulled the cake out of the freezer. OH NO!… Some of the ice cream had melted before refreezing and was now around the bottom of cake. I finished the cake off by whipping up cream…which did not want to whip up thick (should have just used Cool Whip) and placed  fresh sliced strawberries on top. And since the cream was not thick this began to slide down off the top taking the strawberries with it.  I quickly snapped the pic and we ate.

Berry Ice Cream Cake

Berry Ice Cream Cake

The cake was cold and tasted fine. I liked the mix of the chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream.

I am sure the master chiefs would disagree with me, BUT LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING, at least not in the Wernex household…just saying!



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