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Awkward! June 29, 2013

Filed under: Life — kellywernex @ 10:03 pm

Donning my name tag I began to move about the crowd looking for familiar faces, names, anything. Boy, did I feel awkward.

A couple of weeks ago I was notified of my high school   30th class reunion (the one I actually graduated from – see post Class Reunion).  Ok…I should go check it out.  I met up with a good friend of mine and we went together.

I attended this same class reunion for the 20 year version.  I must have forgotten what that was like or I would not have gone to this one.

So as I was making the rounds reading people’s names, and they mine, there was this moment of silence and a look of non-recognition on both our faces.  “No I don’t remember you,” and moving on…  After about an hour of this I sat and crowd watched.  It was then I realized that I didn’t fit in with any of these people in high school and I still didn’t fit in with them now.  What was I thinking?  There was no one there I wanted to see much less have a conversation with.  So I left.  It wasn’t that no one remembered me, because two actually did.  But the people there were not my people…not the handful of people I ran with in high school.  Sitting there I had the same lonely feeling I had back then.  I wasn’t part of the “in” crown or the “out crowd”.  I was just one in the crowd.

So now I have this dilema…I still have another class reunion in August to go to (the high school I didn’t graduate from).  Basically this would be my old neighborhood kids from grade school.  I was kind-of looking forward to that one. Should I go?  If so, I intend to drag my husband with me so if I get that awkward feeling, again, we will at least have a date night out of the deal.

A week ago I heard Jase on Duck Dynasty say this about attending his class reunion, “If I haven’t talked to you in 20 years there has to be a reason why.”  Well said and I am just saying it too!


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