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May Cake June 1, 2013

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After cruising through April with no cake, I finally got the May cake done (better one day late than none).  Cookies-and-Cream.  It was worth the wait!

It is made with a basic vanilla cake recipe, topped with a butter cream frosting and crunched up Oreo cookies.  Can’t hardly mess this one up, but I did!

The cake batter was thick, making the cake more dense after baking instead of airy and fluffy.  Thinking I might have added one scoop to much of flour.  It still tastes like vanilla cake though.  Frosting was easy to make and turned out thick and spreadable.  (I was a little worried about where the 3 sticks of butter was going to go, from the frosting to my hips I’m guessing!)  Emma helped make the frosting and she had a little mishap with the vanilla extract, putting in more than the recipe called for.  But you couldn’t tell.  Emma applied the frosting to the cake and was trying out some techniques she had seen from the Cake Boss show.  She really did a nice job!  Then she applied the crunched up Oreo cookies.


As usual I did not waste the top I had cut off the bottom layer, so I spread frosting on one half, sprinkled on Oreos, and folded the top over for a cake sandwich.  We promptly sat down and ate it.

Another successful cake made, and a few memories to go with it.


One Response to “May Cake”

  1. Sandy Fichtner Says:

    You are amazing!

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