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Fun in the snow February 27, 2013

Filed under: Life — kellywernex @ 10:41 pm
Ein pulling Emma sledding

Ein pulling Emma sledding

clearing the roads

clearing the roads

My family waits for snow days!

The kids love snow days because they can go sledding.  On the farm that means that they want to be pulled around on the hood of a car or a stop sign (don’t ask) behind the four wheeler or gator.  The last time they did this a broken ankle occurred.  I am happy to report that there were no broken bones this time around!

My husband loves snow days because he too can play.  His choice is putting the plow blade on the tractor and plowing the driveway, the road out to the blacktop, then the next road, and next road, and…you get the idea.  Once the roads and neighbors around us have been plowed out it was off to save friends 7 miles away.  I must admit we had the only plowed and passable roads in the county immediately following storm number one.  We couldn’t get to the highway, but could get to our friends! Thank goodness, I needed out of the house!


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