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Homemade Ravioli February 10, 2013

Filed under: Cooking — kellywernex @ 7:15 pm

Emma and I have been busy today.  Along with our February cake we also made homemade ravioli (Emma’s favorite).

As with the homemade speghetti noodles I prepared the dough in the food processor.  Emma was reading the recipe to me as I was dumping in ingrediants.  We had an oops!  She reads off parsely, which I thought was odd putting parsely n the pasto dough, but oh well.  Yes, it was an oops!  non-the-less we have one side of the shell is colorful with parsley.

The recipe said it made 20 raviolo.  Thinking this would not feed my family of 5 I doubled the recipe.  With doubled recipe it made approx 40 and I had lots of cheese filling left over.  Guess we will be making more tomorrow night.

Once again I found this to be easy, messy, and fun!

Homemade ravioli






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