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Getting Older January 27, 2013

Filed under: Life — kellywernex @ 4:44 pm

My father turned 76 this weekend.  It is hard for me to believe that he is that old.  I have watched him age, more so the last several years, but in my eyes he is still this young man that I have looked up to and admired my whole life.

He had a birthday celebration I attending, which many of his old crones were there.  After being around these wonderful people since I was little, I was reminded that none of us our timeless.  One of them had some difficulties opening a package of cigars and I got so tickled watching these three  70 year old men trying to help each other open this package.  I was touched at how their friendship has stood the test of time, that they are still there, willing to help each other with anything they needed.  When I am that age, may I be so blessed!

It is difficult watching your parents age.  When we are young we see them as strong independent people with no faults.  But as we get older and our own values and morals are defined, we begin to see them in a different light.  They actually have faults, or actions that we don’t agree with.  We might not always see eye to eye.  Feelings get hurt, disappointments ensue.  Though we must remind ourselves that they are still our parents, and in the end we must love them unconditionally!  Just as a parent loves their child unconditionally.  For no one, except Jesus, is faultless.  And forgiveness and paitence are virtues that we have all been given.  No one knows how much time we have on this Earth and it is better to live each day in love!


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