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Homemade Noodles Follow-up January 20, 2013

Filed under: Cooking — kellywernex @ 3:29 pm

As a follow-up to Making Homemade Pasta Noodles….they were amazing!  After they dried for about 24 hours I had every intention of storing them, but I couldn’t resist.  So I made spaghetti.

I wanted to know how much noodles the recipe had made so I would know how much to cook.  I usually cook a one pound package of store-bought noodles for the 5 of us (which allows for a small portion of left-over for my lunch the next day).  So I weighed the dried noodles,  which came in at a little over 1.2 lbs.  And since we like left-overs, I cooked them all.  Cooking time varies from package noodles so beware.

They had an amazing flavor…which is hard to describe.  Such a freshness.  Better than frozen egg noodles.   My family thought they were awesome.  This is one thing I would make again!  Emma and I have found a homemade ravioli recipe we intend to try next.

Sure it is easy to just buy the package in the store, but there is such a satisfaction of knowing you made them from scratch.  And they taste soooo muchhh better!  So don’t be afraid to roll-up your sleeves and get messy.


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